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Port Adelaide Book:  The history of a 'commodious harbour'

Port Adelaide Book: The history of a 'commodious harbour'

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By John Cooper-Smartt

This much-anticipated new edition of the definitive history of Port Adelaide (first published in 2003, long out of print), boasts a wealth of new material and images - and a stunning new design. Covering everything from the original Kaurna inhabitants and culture, the region's natural environment, and its role as a centre of shipping and industry, to the seaside, sport and recreation, and religion, this marvellous book is a treasure trove of information.

Intricately researched and beautifully illustrated, with a mix of historical and contemporary photographs and illustrations that chart the region's evolution, this book will be a coveted collector's item and an indispensable reference.


Format Hardback
Size 265 x 218 mm
ISBN 9781743057803
Extent 652 pages